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Ever since 1956, Neve has always been a dynamic company, which has developed an unmistakable style over the years.
We start from the years 50/60 when the company was only a small reality in the field of taps and valves, where the father of the current owners of this family worked with dedication. Then came the 80/90 years when the two brothers Valentino and Gianluca Neve enter the company and start shaping what will be the company in the years to come with their creative personalities and attentive to the needs of customers, without whom nothing of what the company is today would have been possible. Attention to quality and service, with a note of friendly familiarity that characterizes one of the most "human" companies in the sector.
In 2007 the collaboration with the manager / designer Francesco Gugliotta began and soon gave its fruits, in the following years Neve begins to present itself as a Design Brand, creating catalogs and more iconic photos and then presenting other series such as the innovative news of the modular Canali and then, from 2012, a true pioneer company in the sector, introduces the steel in the world of taps

with the series Zero316, Viva and Canali HD, all series result of this successful collaboration that places Neve among the reference brands in the industry if you want to talk about design. A separate note deserves the project carried forward by combining the steel taps with the handles designed by the Greek artist Christos Bougioukos, as regards to the realization of the flamboyant Volante series, with fine handmade porcelain handles.
The current era of the company Neve has been open since 2016, which sees it projected towards the strategic marketing of a brand that is beginning to establish itself internationally thanks to the work done by Brand Manager Susanna Lindhe, which has led to enormous improvements in brand awareness and the development of an innovative series with immense evocative power like DOC in steel with handles in a refined natural material, cork, and at the same time as a more creative and interesting guest at the reference fairs in the bathroom design sector.
Neve is a company that, by its nature, anticipates the future while maintaining traditions and respecting the surrounding environment.